Agni Ayurvedic Healing Village

Traditional Kerala Ayurveda In Mumbai

Ayurveda believes that every individual is different and unique in its own kind; therefore the treatment given will also differ from each individual. Here our doctors will give you special attention because we believe that the disease should be cured from its root and not just provide temporary relief. Ayurveda is the soul and life of Agni Ayurvedic Healing, which has been devotedly serving people for more than 20 years. The centre has lawfully earned the status of being one of the best Ayurvedic Healing Treatment centres in India.

Ayurveda accurately expresses an illness much before any specific symptoms. By finding out the early indicators of imbalance and the response to this imbalance, future disease can be revealed.

We specialise in Panchakarma which is the best detoxification therapy Ayurveda can offer. We also offer authentic Kerala treatments for illness like Arthritis, Weight Management, Gastric Issues, Diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, Skin diseases, Lower back Pain, Back Pain, Stroke Rehabilitation and Sports Rehabilitation.

A highly driven and devoted team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the value of treatment and therapeutic preparations. Ayurvedic treatments are done only after consultation with our skilled doctors.

Agni Ayurvedic Healing Village is tucked away in the breath-taking greenscape of Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Built in trademark Kerala style with comfortable & spacious rooms with luxurious amenities. Come, unwind, rewind and reinvent.