Symptoms of Arthritis

Immense pain - Any joints that are affected by arthritis will be painful during or after any movement in the body.

Joints are stiff - The stiffness in the joint might be most visible upon arising or later being inactive.

Tenderness around the joints- You might feel the tenderness around the joints when light pressure is applied to or near it.

Losing of flexibility - There would be difficulty in movement of joints and slowly you could lose flexibility in them.

Instability of joints- Constant grating of joints due to loss or damage of cartilage can cause instability of joints.

Crepitation - Arthritis damages the cartilage and the bone, so when the joint moves it makes a cracking or popping sound.

Grating sensation - Grating sensation can be felt during the movement of certain joints, also popping or crackling sound might be heard.


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