Affect of Arthritis

How it affects your body?

Pain- Chronic pain is observed to those who are diagnosed with arthritis.

Swelling- Swelling of joints will be seen those who have arthritis. It will also be a little red, swollen and painful around the affected area.

Stiffness- Inflamed joints can be stiff as soon as you wake up. Stiffness can be usually paired with pain and movement can be hampered.

Restriction of movement- Due to wear and tear of inflamed joints, restriction of movement is observed. The range of motion is limited for any patient diagnosed with arthritis.

Decreased productivity- Due to immense pain even simple day to day tasks like holding any object, writing, etc. seem difficult. The quality of life is decreased due to arthritis.

Fatigue- Long term medical condition like arthritis can cause extreme physical and mental exhaustion in terms of quality and intensity.

Obesity- Since there can be restriction of movement due to arthritis, the lower limbs can be affected the most, thereby causing obesity.

Weakness and Tremors- Patients with arthritis often have weakness in their muscles and overall weakness in the body is also observed; some also observe tremors due to arthritis.


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